Monday, 28 February 2011

Frustrated Again

Well after my last post i have picked up another cold. My third of the winter. I would like to say it is because i am over training but i haven't had more than 3 weeks on the bike in a row all winter before i have got another cold. This one is more frustrating than the last 2 as i thought i was just starting to get my cycling legs back after a very busy winter renovating my new house and all the things that go with that.

I even had to miss the Huddersfield Star Wheelers presentation night on Saturday as i was on night's at work. By all accounts it was a fun night with one of the boys bringing a Watt bike so they could have a competition to see who was the quickest over 250m. Even tho i didn't go i did have a busy time collecting all the trophy's and getting them engraved with all the 2010 winners. Below is a list of the winners and a photo of a selection of the trophy that we give out.

Mens Road Club Run Point's Champion Paul Smith
Ladies Road Club Run Points Champion Dawn Hartley
Mens Mountain Bike Club Run Champion Ian Colley
Ladies Mountain Bike Club Run Champion S Brook
Freewheel Champion Paul Smith
Junior FreeWheel Champion Elliot Smith
Road Race Champion Ivan Boyes
Track Champion Ivan Boyes
Hill Climb Champion Andrew Pearson
Most Active New Member Dawn Hartley
10 Mile TT Champion Mark Thaxter
25 Mile TT Champion Mark Thaxter
50 Mile TT Champion Mark Thaxter
Short Course BAR Mark Thaxter
Cyclocross Champion Graham Piccavey
Veterans Champion Graham Piccavey
Mountain Bike Race Champion Graham Piccavey
2Up TT Mark Thaxter/Tom Broadbent
Crasher Cup Nico Tanis
Under 12 Boys Alex Bailey
Under 12 Girls Ruby Boyes
Service To Club David Gavin

So of course my main aim for this year is again to win the Hill Climb trophy which would make it 3 time in a row but i know this year will be harder than ever.

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Climb in focus


This is a climb that i have only found recently even tho i ride around the Holmfirth area all the time. It was out on a ride with Freddie from Race Scene when i first went up it and i have to say that after a few hours of a hilly ride this hill took it out of me.

The climb starts very steep at about 20% and this just saps the legs right away. It is a single lane road so you do have to keep your eyes open for cars coming down if you are starting to weave a bit. The climb lasts for about 0.7km before it starts to flatten off and this is were i would say the climb ends. It doesn't drop below 10% all the way up so it is a leg stinger all the way and if it's wet then wheel spin can be a problem.

 To find the climb then you need to be at the main crossroads in Holmfirth town centre with the junction of Station Road and Dunford Road and you need to take Dunford Road but as soon as you are on it then the first left turning is South Lane. I hope you enjoy the climb.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Last Of The Summer Wine

A few photo's from my rather hilly ride around the pleasent hills of Holmfirth

Friday, 18 February 2011


As of next week i will be documenting a climb every week that i take in on my training rides. I hope to bring you some of the more famous climbs in the area and also some unknown gems. The climb can be any length and any gradient but has to have that little something that makes it special. So i hope you all enjoy reading over the coming weeks and find some climbs that you have forgotten about or never knew were even on your doorstep.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

2011 GOALS

Well it's been over a month since my last post due to Internet problems. I have only just started training after the festive 500 due to catching another cold so it is early days.

I have only two modest goals this year as i am focusing only on hill climbs. My 1st is to retain the Huddersfield Star Wheelers Club Hill climb trophy and then to finish in the top 50 at the national hill climb championship at the end of October. They are only modest goals but that's my aim so fingers crossed that i hit my peak in the month of October.

The first 8 weeks of training will consist of 3 endurance rides, 2 strength session's on the bike and a shorter fast paced endurance session. I will let you know how i am going after the first 8 weeks.