Saturday, 19 March 2011


Well after my disaster on Thursday's ride the weather was again good on Friday so i thought what the hell. Round 2.
I was going to do the same route which would take in the climbs of Holme Moss then Snake Pass and then on to a series off climbs which are called the Strines. I have done this route a few times before but not since i have moved which would probably add another hour to the ride.
My food for the ride would consist of 2 bidons with water in a banana and 2 slices of flap jack. I had some money on me so i can stop and get a can of coke and a mars bar.

So i managed to get to the top of Holme Moss today with out any punctures so things were looking good for the rest of the ride. The was no wind going up the moss which always makes it a lot easier to climb. For some reason it is not a climb i like i just can not seem to get into a good rhythm on the climb.
So i quick decent down the other side. I hit just over 75kph and this was on the winter bike. On in to Glossop and then to the base of one of my favorite climbs. Snake Pass is over 6km but the surface is excellent and the way it snakes it self up the climb just makes it feel like you are on a grand tour climb. Glossop Kinder Velo run a hill climb on the Snake at this year it is on the 4th September. Last year it had about 30 entrants and was run on a dry but very windy day. The winner over the last few years was James Dobbin who also holds the record on the climb.

So with the two main climbs out of the way its was a lovely run down to the Ladybower Reservoirs. It was here that i picked up a can of coke and a mars bar up from a roadside cafe. As soon as these were down it was on my way again to start the strines.
As i started on the Strines Moor it was straight into a head wind which was a bit depressing. I seemed to remember that this was the harder way to tackle the climbs but after the first it seemed they would be easier. They might be longer this way but not as steep as coming from the opposite way. But i knew that the hardest climb was still to come and i wasn't looking forward to it. The back was starting to hurt a little after having to walk down hill for about an hour on Thursday whilst wearing my cycling shoes.
AS you can see from the photo above this is the second half of the next to last climb on the strines. Some people may say that this is the last climb but there is still a small one after this. The 1st half of the climb you can not see as it is below the farm. Well this was tough. The legs were starting to feel it by know and the first half of the climb was covered in mud dropped by a tractor but as you break out of the tree's into the sunlight you can see a little light at the end of the tunnel. The last 100meters is hard but you seen to speed up as you know the top is near.
So the last hard climb on the strines and its 25% is completed so know i was on my way home. Only a few small climbs left on my route home but the last climb up to my house is 12% and after a long ride it just saps the last of your energy.

So i had 5hrs 24mins in the saddle with 123km covered with a speed of 22.7kph so today's ride was just a leg spinner on the rollers.

Thursday, 17 March 2011


It started of so good. The sun was out and i had started what was ment to be a 5hour ride over some of the best climbs i know. Just at the top of Holme Moss i noticed i slow puncture. Puncture fixed and off i went only to find i was riding on the rim at 60kmph. I must of missed a bit of the shared of metal that i pulled out of the tyre after the first puncture. 2 hours later i finnally made it home. So a roller session later to make up for the lack of miles.

Maybe the moral of the story is make sure you have more than 1 spare tube with you.