Saturday, 14 May 2011


Well on wednesday night i did my second 10 mile tt on the sovereign course which is an out and back sporting course which Holme Valley Wheelers use for their weekly club tt. The weather was a little chilly and windy which is the norm on this course. I got there earlier than last week so i could try to warm up a little better.

I managed to get 20mins in before i had to get signed on, then it was into my skin suit and number on. Then a final 10 mins warming up before i was to start.

I set of fast and it didn't feel that there was any wind which normally means it will be tough on the return leg. At the turn my average speed was higher than normal so i knew there must have been a tail wind. The speeds were down after the turn and on the major climb my speed was about 4/5 kmph slower than the week before. I kept a high cadence all the way and crossed the line in a new pb. so even with the headwind on the return leg i managed to pb by 7seconds. Not much but a good indicator to an even better time if i can get a night when there is no wind.

Saturday is my first 25mile tt of the year so lets hope i can get 2 pb's in a week.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011


Over the last few weeks i have been trying to put a few hard weeks training together so as i can increase my speed and power for my 10mile time trials this year.
I have tried riding with the Huddersfield star wheelers on a wednesday night on a short 3mile circuit but found that the difference level of fitness is to big between the riders and it just feels like you are riding as hard as you can on your own. I have also done the last 2weeks on the chain gang on a tuesday night. The ride is fairly flat and you do have to take your life in your own hands when it come's to traffic lights and roundabouts but the speed is fairly fast but i don't think it is fast enough. For a fast ten you will be going above 43km/h but even on the chain gang the average speed was only 36km/h and i need to be able to do some sessions above the speed i need for a fast ten to improve.
So its back to the drawing board to find some riding that will get me the speed i want.