Thursday, 30 June 2011

Rapha Rising

Another challenge from Rapha. Climb 21,125 meters of climbing over 22days whilst the Tour De France is on.
For me i am going to do it by climbing a local climb near me Le Col De Moss (Holme Moss) 47times. I don't think it will be easy as it is a climb a dislike riding for some reason. So I've got to get up it 47 times whilst also trying to fit a few time trials in and my other training. It's going to be a tough 3 weeks but if it wasn't it wouldn't be a challenge.


Wednesday, 29 June 2011


Why do certain things about biking give you a buzz. For me it is not the training or even going out on a great ride. It's when you try to push your body to it's limit. That is why i love the hill climb season. Climbing is everything for me and when you give it your all and you have achieved what you what then that gives me a massive high. But it only lasts for a short time. Maybe only a few minutes or until you start to think about your next race.
But that is the buzz for me. A short high is the reward for many hour's on the bike.

Monday, 27 June 2011


Well the last eight weeks have seen me doing a few different 10mile tt and two 25mile tt. I have felt my condition improving but unfortunately the weather has not been on my side. The winds have been very strong and have played havoc with my riding. If there is one thing i struggle with both physically and mentally is a strong head wind. I just don't seem to have the power to push through them.
So even when your feeling good your time's just do not reflect it. But this is why i like time trialing. You do not have to worry about positioning in a race or if someone else will block your way in the sprint. It is just you versus the clock and if your condition is good and the weather is ok then your time's should reflect your condition be it good or bad.

So even with the weather conditions i have managed to set a new 10 and 25mile PB's 21.56 and 1:00.52 respectively.

So know it's back to some hard weeks of training to get myself in peak condition for the hill climb season. I might get a few more club 10s in before then just to check on my condition.

This photo was taken by Dave Morgan at the Holme Valley Wheelers 25mile tt on the 28th May.

Friday, 3 June 2011


Picked up my new bike this week. The boys at have done a brilliant job. I took it out for a test ride and it nearly had me off about 5 times in ten mins. The bike has been built just for the hill climb season. It is a fixed wheel stripped down race machine. I will post the pic's of the completed bike on here shortly and i do have to say it looks gorg. The boys at casati have done and excellent job but i didn't expect anything else. A full spec and photo's to follow when i have more time.