Saturday, 9 April 2011


Well today was my first real test of the year. I was doing a 10mile TT on the V718 near Hull. It is probably the fastest course in Yorkshire so most people set their pb's on this course. As i have suffered from a lot of colds this year my training is a little bit behind were i would want it to be but it would give me a good guide for the rest of the year.
After a 25minute warm up on the rollers i set of for the start which was about another 15 minutes away. The course is run on the A63 so it is very busy with traffic. As i was being held for the off there was an old lady on a push bike coming up behind me. 5 4 3 2 1 go, just as she was about to cut in front of me as i sprinted of. Lets just say she was a bit put out but not as much as i was with the starters for not warning me she was there.
So down the the slip road and straight into a head wind. I had planed not to go to hard for the first 5miles but the head wind seemed to be strong and i didn't hold much hope for a good time (for me). At the turn it didn't feel like there was much of a tail wind but i went as hard as i thought i could.
So i crossed the line with a time 22mins and 9sec which was 46seconds faster than my previous best. So i was fairly pleased. I will look forward to getting back on this course later in the season when my condition has improved. 
All in all a well run event  with a HQ with showers which was a bonus.

Thursday, 7 April 2011


I went out for my second night ride in a row last night so i could sample a new evening ride organised by  a member of HSW. It was on a 2.8mile circuit and the plan was to take two laps to warm up then go for it with a section of about just over half a mile where we could do through and off.
About 20 people took to the road on the warm up laps. As always after the first warm up lap the pace went up and i think we lost a few people at this stage and then on the first proper fast lap the group just disintegrated about half way round.
My plan was to do a fast lap then recovery then do another fast lap and hope to get about 5 laps in. As the laps were taking about 7mins i new this wasn't going to be possible but i hoped to get 4 in. Unfortunately due to the pace on the first lap a few people looked to have given up and everyone else was riding in just pairs and not going flat out as the first few laps had taking it out of then and it looked like most people were just going as fast as the could for an hour.
I did manage 4 laps but the last 2 were mostly on my own and that is not what i was hoping for.
I think the circuit is a little to long for most people and the night needs a little bit more structure so as not to lose people after 1 lap and then they don't come the following week as they thing it is just to fast.
So as to get as many people involved of all ability's so we can all increase our fitness then maybe the following needs to happen.

Two laps at a proper warm up pace.
First faster lap but not full gas so everyone gets round
Then a recovery lap for everyone so that if anyone has been dropped they can get back on.
Then a fast lap now everyone has warmed up.
Then a recovery lap
And it follows this format until the end

I feel that if it is done this way then when there is a fast lap it is a high enough pace and if anyone gets dropped they know that everyone will back off at the end of the lap so they can get back on. This way more people will be together rather than everyone scattered around the course doing fast laps on there own which they could do anytime.
That's just my opion as i think some training nights should try to accommodate as many people as possible rather than just the fastest riders.
I am sure it will evolve into a very good training night i just hope that some of the slower riders haven't been put of by then.
But a big thank you to the HSW member (BULL) who has put the night on and gone to the trouble to publish the night and generate the interest to get it of the ground.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011


Well last night was the first time i have been out for a ride on a night time for a couple of years. As my job allows all my rides are done in the day time but this week i wanted a bit more company so i thought i would start by taking in the ride organised by David Gavin of the Huddersfield Star Wheelers which leaves the Safety Centre at Lockwood traffic lights at 7pm every Tuesday.
The ride is labeled as a steady 90mins but due to the terrain around these parts the routes are always hilly so you get plenty of climbing in over the 90mins but the pace is steady. No body gets left behind and at the top of every climb they wait for the last man. If you do not want to hang around for a few Min's then do what i did and when you have reached the top ride back down to the last man and give him some company.
There are no ego's on this ride and no one is trying to rip each other's legs of so it is an excellent way to get used to riding with others and  get some miles in.
For more information on these rides then go onto Huddersfield Star Wheelers website for more details. You will find it in the Leisure rides section.